Black Ministry

Staff Contacts

Lynette Saenz
Diocesan Coordinator
Office of Cultural Ministries
585-328-3228 ext. 1318

Bernard Grizard
Diocesan Director
Department of Pastoral Services
585-328-3228 ext. 1328

Our Mission

The Office for Cultural Diversity provides resources to enhance growth and development for all Black Catholics in our Diocese, lay as well as religious. Our ultimate aim is the full participation of Catholics of African descent in the life of the Church and the appreciation of their gifts in worship and evangelization.

We accomplish this by:

  • Providing opportunities for evangelization of Black Catholics through programs, workshops and events
  • Collaborating with parishes and other organizations that serve the Black Catholic community
  • Encouraging and providing opportunities for cross-cultural dialogue about race

Our ministry efforts are guided by the most recent National Plan of Action for Black Ministry.

Recommended Resources