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Blessed Are You: The Many Gifts of Culture

2007 Telly Award Winner

“As the Catholic Church endeavors to embrace its many cultures, each Catholic must focus on how Our Lord broadened the perspectives of His disciples and transformed the people that he met. Catholics must see the Face of God in all of the people in the Church. God has abundantly blessed many people of faith. Christians have a responsibility to acknowledge these blessings and give praise to Almighty God. Christians need to understand God’s entire plan. That includes recognizing and accepting the experiences of their brothers and sisters from other cultures.

Learning how other cultures spread the word of God among their people is a blessing and a gift.  It is a great opportunity to share ideas and create new traditions – to examine the depths of the scriptures and truly know the Jesus who speaks to all cultures, and who came to save all.

Embracing and celebrating the total lived experience of all of our brothers and sisters is the essence of “Church.” Charity and love must prevail. This is our mission. This is how we will know joy and peace. This is the core of Christianity.”

– Bishop Emeritus Matthew H. Clark

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A Treasure Revealed: Migrant Workers in Our Midst

2004 Telly Award Finalist

Meet Western New York’s migrant farm workers and the Catholic community that ministers to them. Learn how the Catholic community can live Christ’s message to welcome all people.

“We all know the words of Jesus, ‘Whatever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters, you do it to me.’ But often the little ones are invisible to us. This video introduces us to the lives, the struggles, and the faith of migrant workers who live among us but who are in many ways unknown to us. It serves as an invitation to open our consciousness, our churches and our hearts to them, as Jesus asks of us.”

– Rev. Dr. Joseph A. Hart

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