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St. Joseph the Worker, (Clyde, Lyons, Savannah) Wayne County
Cluster (Catholic Community of the Blessed Trinity, St. Michael)

St. John's, Clyde, St. Michael's, Lyons, St. Patrick's, Savannah
Parish Offices: 43 W. DeZeng St. Clyde, NY 14433

Rev. Felicjan Sierotowicz, Parochial Administrator
Rev. Michael Merritt, Parochial Vicar
Deacon Gregory Kiley

Mass Schedule
Tuesday 8:30 AM St. John the Evangelist, Clyde
Wednesday 6:00 PM St. John the Evangelist, Clyde
Thursday 8:30 AM St. John Evangelist, Clyde
Friday 8:30 AM St. Michael’s, Lyons
*Note: During the Winter Season, if Lyons school is closed or delayed, then the Mass at St. Michael's will be cancelled. If Clyde-Savannah school is closed or delayed, then Mass at St. John's will be cancelled.

First Friday Mass
Immediately following the 8:30 AM First Friday Mass at St. Michael’s Church, Lyons, there will be Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament followed by Benediction.

Weekend Mass Times
Saturday 4:00 PM St. Michael's, Lyons
Sunday 10:30 AM St. John the Evangelist, Clyde
Sunday 4:00 PM St. Patrick's, Savannah

Confession Times
Wednesday's 5:20 PM until 5:50 PM St. John the Evangelist, Clyde in the church library.
Saturday's 3:15 PM until 3:45 PM St. Michael's, Lyons in the chapel.

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