Directory of Parish Offerings

This diocesan directory provides a central location for important parish offerings at all of the 86 parishes in the Diocese of Rochester. Included for each location is any summary information provided on the parish website as to public celebration of Mass.  Links to parish websites, social media and weekly bulletins are also included, if available.

The Mission of the Church in the Diocese of Rochester continues through this pandemic with creativity and resourcefulness. We invite you to visit the parish websites or social media accounts in our diocese and to participate in the greater Church community. The key word search can help in identifying parishes with specific offerings, such as scheduled “confession”, “adoration” or “livestream Mass.”  (last updated 7/30/2021)

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Try to search: Monroe, live-stream

Blessed Trinity a cluster community, Apalachin/Newark Valley/Owego/Waverly, New York, Tioga County Cluster (St. Patrick's) Parish Office: 309 Front Street, Owego, NY St. James: 503 Clark Street, Waverly, NY St. [...]
1110 Pennsylvania Avenue, Apalachin, New York 13732, United States, USA
503 Clark Street, Waverly, New York 14892, United States
28 Rock Street, Newark Valley, New York 13811, United States
Phone: 607-687-1068

This directory is maintained by the Department of Pastoral Services for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester.
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